v2.0 is here!

The VocalEyes team approached us in September 2022 – they wanted to find a way of representing their Heritage Access 2022 research in an engaging and easy to use way on their existing website.

Although this wasn’t in any way a museum collection, we’ve got a pretty flexible way of working with fields and our schema, so we figured it’d be an ideal candidate for our “3rd party collections” plugin which enables any client with an existing WordPress website to use our collections functionality on their own site.

We also have some existing functionality to display Museum Platform story content on 3rd party sites, so Jeremy cunningly extended this in order to develop the country-wide map which shows access information for UK museums.

See the site at

The project entailed…

  • Simple look and feel matching with existing site
  • “Collections” integration
  • Custom coding to fetch 2000+ website screenshots
  • Use of our 3rd party plugin
  • Ongoing support and development