Mike Ellis

v2.0 is here!

Version 2.0 is here!

We’ve just pushed changes for Version 2.0 of The Museum Platform. This is quite a big release for us, and has been the culmination of several months’ work. Here’s a summary of what we’ve been up to… CIIM to version 7 The piece of software which sits under the hood of our collections online is … Read more

We made a film!

It’s been a while but we’ve just now published our new “Museum Platform Overview” video. It focuses on storytelling and collections online and the tools we’re building to make this as accessible and easy as possible, even for non-technical staff. It’s on the homepage of our site but embedded below too – let us know … Read more

TMP away day!

We’re a distributed team – not quite worldwide (yet!) but spread around the UK in Essex, Cornwall and Leeds. So when our mutual friend James Morley (who moved out of London recently to set up a very beautiful B&B in Dunster, near Minehead) offered to host us for a TMP away day, we jumped at … Read more

Data…and pricing!

As ever, we’ve been super busy with the Platform since our last update. There are two main things to announce this time around: 1. We need your data! We’ve mentioned several times that we’ve been working proactively with the museum community as we develop the Platform. This is really important to us – we want … Read more


It’s been a while since I wrote that last (and, er, first) post on the Museum Platform blog. The lack of progress in writing anything here is at a total contrast to the breadth and depth of work we’ve been doing on the actual platform itself, and the business and structures that will support it. We … Read more

It lives, it breathes!

We’re stupendously excited to launch The Museum Platform today (Friday 13th, 2019 – an auspicious date for some…). We’ve been beavering away behind the scenes for some months now – Rob, Jeremy and I had been chatting about a collaboration for some time, and finally we met up for a brainstorm day in June 2019 … Read more