Collections Online

What is the secret to making your collections shine online, so they help your audience do what they need but also fulfil the aims of your museum?

Well it's not really a secret, and it's not hard and it's not out of your reach. Here's what you do:

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5

You send us a spreadsheet of your collections data (we will supply a template and guide you in its use)

You send us your digital images by USB stick, Dropbox, Google Drive, DVD, carrier pigeon...

We process it all (and update it regularly after that)

We present it beautifully, using our powerful search engine

You use our Exhibitions Builder to start telling stories that put your collections centre-stage of a meaningful experience

It's that easy to get going. Of course we will work with you through all of these steps to make sure that your unique content is as good as it can be without you having to be an expert in anything - except for your own museum's collections and its ambitions.

Collections Online is built into all tiers of The Museum Platform. These increase progressively in the volume of collection records and media that they will accommodate, and in the levels of functionality they offer, but all share the core features of great search, and the ability to use your object records to build rich online experiences. And the technology is also the same for all: we use Knowledge Integration's CIIM, meaning that you benefit from the same system that drives the collections web pages of 8 UK nationals, amongst many other museums. CIIM can make inferences from your data so it becomes more versatile - this too is part of all tiers.

Check out the list of fields we suggest, or if you're feeling geeky you can find out more about the technology that drives all of this.