How it works: overview

We've taken WordPress and built a museum-specific platform with built-in support for collections, exhibitions and other common museum content.

When you log in you see a pretty normal looking WordPress - but one with pre-created components including collections functionality, modular museum-focused page building, an exhibitions builder for rich narratives, and more.

Our totally open architecture ensures you can choose just the bits you need. Want to display collections on your existing website? No problem. No existing website and need web pages as well as collections online? You can do that. Coming soon: donations, event ticketing and more.

Screengrab of The Museum Platform editing page

Collections data

Collections online, done brilliantly

We know how important it is for museums to get their collections online, and to do it in a sustainable, meaningful way.

We also know how hard it can be: Wix, Squarespace and other web builders don't have the functionality museums need. Even WordPress requires specialist skills to get collections online well.

There are tools out there to "get your collections online" but too often they're visually disappointing, or on their own website away from your main presence, or don't have the advanced functionality that is required.

We've taken 30+ years experience and brought it into one easy to use collections publishing system.

Web pages

We've been building stunning, mobile-first, editor-friendly museum websites using WordPress for the last 10 years.

During this time, we've developed a "modular" system for building up web pages row by row. This isn't just another Divi-style pagebuilder, though, it's custom built for museums. Add feature blocks, object galleries, slide shows, blog post listings, two-column grids, visiting times... and many more - and then drag/drop until you're happy with how it looks.

Everything stays looking beautiful and continues to work on mobile, but anyone editing the website gets immense flexibility to express themselves freely. Oh, and we're making new blocks all the time!

Timeline builder

Online exhibitions

Display and integrate highly visual online exhibitions.

Our exhibitions builder takes the intuitive page-builder approach a step further with a whole exhibition-focused suite of editing blocks.

Build single or multi-page narratives. Select collections records from a dropdown and we pull in images and links automatically, displaying them in a grid, gallery or list. Drop in a beautiful interactive timeline or map and then add collections records or text...