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The Museum Platform can deliver a flexible range of functionality, customised according to your needs

If you are looking to create an entirely new museum web presence, the Platform covers all your bases - web pages, collections online, event functionality, exhibitions and (coming soon), ticketing and more. may already have a website but haven't yet found a way of getting your collections online. may just want a way of creating compelling and beautiful digital stories

Find out more on the overview page - or if you have any questions, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Together...we create!

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Your museum collection on the web. Stunning galleries, full detail records, media - everything mobile friendly (of course!). All with our friendly and highly experienced team on hand to help.

Collections online

Web Pages

The power of WordPress, made even better with our museum specific modular editor. No more code wrangling or worries about hosting security or uptime. In-built analytics, API and more.

Web Pages

Coming soon

We've got a huge list of things on our roadmap - some are in the works, and some are just ideas waiting for validation, from audio tours to donations modules to newsletter builders.

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