Web pages and exhibitions

The Museum Platform is built around the concept of "modular" pages that can be built up bit by bit. This gives huge editorial flexibility but maintains beautiful, mobile-ready design.

We've taken inbuilt WordPress Gutenberg functionality and then created loads of museum friendly modules. We're also continuing to develop modules as we work with more clients.

Let's take a look at what this looks like, both for editors and the public.

Slideshow module

Most modules feature the WordPress "what you see is what you get" editor. No code needed - just insert text formatting, images, links and headings as needed

The slideshow module enables you to write or paste in text for each slide and upload or re-use images. Then drag-drop slides to re-order and publish when you're ready.

WYSIWYG module
Featured collections module

If you're using collections on your website then you can tap into our collections module. Drop it in, then search across your entire collections database using our custom Elastic Search module. When you've found the items you want to feature, publish the page and your objects will appear, beautifully framed within the style of your site.

Featured collections front end

Collections map editor

Create mini-maps of collections or other items wherever you need - just drop them into your narrative to illustrate exhibitions, web pages or articles.

Collections map front end