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A beautiful, engaging and integrated way to get your museum and collections online.

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Tell the stories you want to tell, effortlessly.

Collections online

From 10 to 10 million records, we can scale however you need. Lightning fast search. Faceting. Zooms. Multiple images per record. Easily drop any record into any page on your site.

Web pages

Need to revamp your existing website or want to start from scratch with a new museum web presence? Have an existing site you want to get collections onto? We can help!

Exhibitions and stories

Craft beautiful, engaging narrative content – no technical skills required. We give you a suite of easy to use tools: timelines, maps, sliders, puzzles and more. You get to weave collections, social content and the rest of your website together in engaging, compelling ways.

Coming soon…

We’ve got a huge long list and want to deliver the best possible solutions for museums. We’ve worked in museums for a very long time but we’re only as good as the museums we’re working with.

We need you to help us prioritise what we do next!

Our Team

More than 60 years working in and with museums!

The Museum Platform is a collaboration between Thirty8 Digital (Mike Ellis), Knowledge Integration (Rob Tice) and Sesamoid Consulting (Jeremy Ottevanger); a team who have been working in the museum and heritage space for many years. We brought our organisations together to try to crack a problem that needs a range of capacities and experience that are rarely found in one place.

Case Studies

We’re working with clients from all over the UK…

We’ve got smaller museums who don’t have collections but wanted a simple web presence, we’ve got bigger museums who purely wanted their collections online and we’ve got some clients who are using our functionality in surprising and unusual ways! Find out more on our Case Studies page…

User research has shown that our audiences engage better with longer form collections content rather than just a database front-end.

– Mark Pajak, Head of Digital, Bristol Museums Service

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