The Museum Platform

An easy to use web publishing platform for museums

We've built a beautiful, flexible and user-friendly platform to help museums of all sizes get their collections, web pages and exhibitions online. It's built on top of WordPress, the world's biggest and best content management system: open-source, easy to use and endlessly flexible.

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Making collections online easy

Getting museum collections online has always been a difficult thing: all too often your collection is on another website, disconnected from your main site - and so often terribly designed, too!

We give you the means to upload collections records from a simple CSV file. We use state of the art technology from Knowledge Integration to pull it all together into Elastic Search and then present it, beautifully. Advanced search, faceting, analytics, social sharing - we provide it all.

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Our modular web page builder

Web pages

Over the last 20 years working with museums (both in them and for them!) we've learnt a lot about what is required to create useful and engaging museum web products. We've built The Museum Platform so that it capitalises on the simplicity of WordPress editing but removes the extraneous complexity. You get a rock solid, highly flexible editing environment with museum-centric "modules" (collection galleries, timelines, maps, sliders etc) so you can rapidly create engaging content that is easy to keep up to date.

Hosting, backups, security, up-time monitoring, a world-wide super-fast CDN - and more - we look after it all.

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Create online exhibitions

Craft beautiful, engaging narrative content - no technical skills required. We give you a suite of easy to use tools which allow you to weave collections, social content and the rest of your website together in engaging, compelling ways.


We've got a big list...

We know how much there is to do. Donations. Ticketing. CRM. Kiosks. Audio tours.

We've got a huge list - and we need you to help us prioritise it!

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