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There’s no “typical” but we can help with all of these…

…you’ve already got a website and want to get your collections online.

You’re a museum who has already got a WordPress website and wants to use it to get your collections and stories about collections online.

…you want a new website for your museum or collection.

You’re looking for a completely new, re-designed web presence, either for your whole museum or just your collections online.

…you need help with a non-WordPress museum website

You’re a museum who has a non-WordPress system and needs help with another aspect of the challenge behind online collections or storytelling

…you’re a 3rd party designer or developer

You’re a developer, designer or agency working with a museum. They’ve asked you to get their collection online, which seemed simple in principle, but you’ve now started thinking about search, performance, zoomable images, faceting, taxonomies, how to do this at scale with hundreds of thousands of records, and a whole bunch of other scary stuff. You could do with help but want to retain control over your code and designs…

…you’re working on other technologies or channels

You’re working on touchscreens or other on-gallery experiences for your digital content and want an easy way to display collections / narratives in this environment.

You’re keen to think about how to best manage this content, keeping it all centralised, and easy to update – but also want to deliver your stories in new, innovative, engaging ways.