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We made a film!

It’s been a while but we’ve just now published our new “Museum Platform Overview” video. It focuses on storytelling and collections online and the tools we’re building to make this as accessible and easy as possible, even for non-technical staff. It’s on the homepage of our site but embedded below too – let us know … Read more

Comments on objects

Enabling users to comment on object records is a fairly obvious idea, and one that many museums do already. We certainly get asked for it all the time. The technical issue that we had with TMP is that although collections records feel very much a part of WordPress (and a core part of our TMP … Read more

More sitewide options

We’re always on the lookout for feature requests from clients that are more generic than specific to one particular site. When we spot these (for instance if several clients ask for Feature X) then we try to build these in a way that makes them available to everyone who uses the platform. This is, after … Read more